The Importance of White Hat SEO

White hat SEO is also referred to as ethical SEO. Since the day it was discovered that search engine rankings play a very crucial part in generating traffic to websites, a lot of so-called SEO experts started tweaking websites in order to play with the search engine’s algorithms.

Some of their strategies were deemed unacceptable and such techniques were eventually tagged as black hat SEO. Now, the major search engines are penalizing websites that purposely obscure their robots just to get to the top rankings. Because a website that’s guilty of using black hat SEO techniques may be blacklisted from ever appearing at the results, the demand for ethical SEO became high.

The Need for Reputable SEO Experts

Unless you want your website to say goodbye to the Google or Bing search engine results, you should stick to a white hat or ethical SEO techniques only. But since you only know half of what an SEO expert is doing for your website, it’s important that you hire somebody that you fully trust. Otherwise, you might pay the hefty price for your SEO expert’s mistakes.

SEO experts are also challenged to learn all the updates and new things that are related to search engine algorithms. Google and Bing release updates every so often and some of these updates can drastically affect the ranking of certain websites. If your SEO company is not dynamic, it’s impossible for you to catch up with your competitors, much less beat them in the rankings game.

Black Hat SEO Practices

No matter what improvements your SEO expert does to your website, there’s only one thing that they should stay clear of, and that is black hat SEO techniques. Black hat SEO involves keyword stuffing and duplicate content, among others. If these things are detected, you may not get banned immediately but your ranking will be pushed down that you won’t be visible at all. Spamming is also frowned upon in the world of white hat SEO.

Because some SEO experts can get very creative with improving their site’s rankings, Google and Bing have watchdogs in place to determine if they’re crossing the line again. If they found out that some people are indeed guilty in manipulating the search engine results, then they won’t have second doubts about releasing another update soon to penalize them.

How to Find Ethical SEO Experts

If you need the services of a reputable SEO company, the first thing that you should do is ask for their list of clients. If the company is working with some of the industry’s top brands, then it’s safe to assume that you may also trust them with the tasks of improving your site’s search engine performance. However, it doesn’t mean that you’re delegating the entire job to them. You should still be on top of the changes that they’ll do on your website.

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